My goal as a professional hair artist is to create services and products that will not only enhance your look, but your life as well.

From a very early age I was drawn to the world of hair. By the age of 5, I was already braiding hair and wanting to learn more techniques. By the time middle school came around I was already doing cuts and color on my friends. Fast forward to high school, I joined the JTED program and proceeded to get my license and graduate high school by 2011.

As a young licensed stylist, I got my start at The Coyote Wore Sideburns,  a full service Aveda Salon. I specialized in styles, cuts, and color, while beginning to teach myself dreadlock maintenance and further my braiding techniques.

At the age of 22 my path led me to Los Angeles. This is where I excelled in freelance work, which allowed me to focus more on my passion for braids, locs, and wigs. My skills enabled me to be called for set work, including photo shoots and movies, which also opened the door to learn from some of the best in the BIZ!

Fast forward to 2019, I’m back in my hometown of Tucson, AZ with all this newfound knowledge, and motivation to support my new family. I worked at G's Barbershop as an independent contractor until the end of 2021. Now I have my own studio and am striving for more independence and success within my business.